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Thursday, 29 September 2011

London’s Learning as the Zombiologist comes to town

- A guest blog by the esteemed Doctor Austin of Zombie Science 1Z
Doctor Austin ZITS MSz BSz DPep

Hello there Zombiology Students,

My name is Doctor Austin, Theoretical Zombiologist and Head of the Zombie Institute for Theoretical Studies (ZITS) at the University of Glasgow.

This year I’m very excited to be taking part in the London Horror Festival with my lecture Zombie Science 1Z. Of course my intention is not to scare you, except perhaps into action.

Zombie Science 1Z is a spoof lecture on the real science behind the undead. Divided into three easy to digest modules we spend an hour looking at the misconceptions about zombies perpetrated by popular culture, examining the biological causes of Zombieism and naturally how to prevent and cure them.

There will of course be live science demonstrations. In fact I’ve just finished turning my nephew’s tennis racquet into a crossbow for one of them. He did try to complain, but obviously I had a crossbow.

We’ll also have some insightful videos too, with zombie acting courtesy of Davey the Zombie Institute Janitor, a mostly amiable fellow.

Attending the festival’s not all I’m looking forward to about coming to London. As Zombiologist Royal to the Queen I will be making my yearly inspection of the monarch. For signs of Zombieism, obviously.

There’s also the fantastic Wellcome Collection, a fascinating series of galleries and home to the world famous Wellcome Library, a wonderful place for expanding the mind.  

If you want to join me before the lecture I’ll be riding the open top tour bus reenacting scenes from 28 Days Later with my Grandma.

All the best and don’t let the fear of Zombieism stop you enjoying all the brilliant acts at this year’s festival,

- Doctor Austin ZITS MSz BSz DPep

Our research is generously supported by the Wellcome Trust & University of Glasgow -

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